Summer Soul

This January, SICA is working with Subud Australia to present Summer Soul, a series of creative happenings in Adelaide. Part of the 2017 Subud Australia National Congress, we have an awesome series of workshops, performances, and art activities for everyone to share!


January 8 – January 14, 2016

Uplift Singing Workshops –
January 11, 12, 13

Uplift brings a unique group singing experience. Let the powerful medium of shared song bring you into the moment and connect you with others in a truly meaningful way. Join us on a journey of harmony from around the world, using our specially designed technique that will have you singing in harmony within minutes! GO HERE for further info, and bookings.



Daly Family String Ensemble –
January 11

Come be treated to an evening of classical greats by the Daly Family String Ensemble! All the way from Perth, this family performs as a sextet ensemble. Aged from 10 to 20, this amazing group of kids will feature the greats from Mozart, Barber, Pachelbel, and more! GO HERE for further info, and bookings.



The SandDragon’s Tail –
January 10

An inspiring theatre performance for all ages, The SandDragon’s Tail takes the audience on a journey far away. Snappy crabs, irate seagulls and magical dragons combine with live music as 3 multi-talented actors bring their magic to Adelaide! GO HERE for further info, and bookings.

The SandDragon's Tail

Harmonic Singing Workshop –
January 10

Explore your voice in this improvised singing workshop with Mariamma Mitchell! After simple warm up exercises, you will be learning how to produce different harmonic qualities of sound on just one note, then join together to experience the beauty of voices blended together! GO HERE for further info, and bookings.


Towards Freedom Workshop –
January 11

Aimed at expressing the freedom we wish for, for all people. Come share this art workshop expressing freedom with reknowned Wollongong artist Libby Bloxham. You’ll be creating life-sized sketchings representing bodies striving for freedom. This workshop is a response to the current refugee crisis, with all funds generated going towards asylum seekers and refugees in need. GO HERE for further info, and bookings.


Israeli Dancing Workshop –
January 11
A beginners introduction to the joys of Israeli Circle Dancing. This form has been developed since the classical days of Israeli dance to include music from Latin to Rap; the words are in Hebrew and other languages. GO HERE for further info, and bookings.