Symphony: Celebrating Spiritual Diversity in Art and Culture

This was an art exhibition organized by Alena Kennedy and Libby Bloxham from the Wollongong Subud Group. It ran during March at Project Contemporary Artspace in Wollongong City.

Symphony was held around Harmony Day and focused on the spiritual aspect of human experience, with an emphasis on ‘unity in diversity’. ‘Unity in diversity’ is a concept of “unity without uniformity and diversity without fragmentation”. It focuses on the idea that diversity enriches human interactions. “We are all the leaves of one tree…We are all the waves of one sea…” Thich Nhat Hanh.

Alena says: “art can talk to us about the artist’s innermost inspirations. Art can uplift, challenge or change our ideas and attitudes.  Libby and I wanted to provide a platform for artists to share their experiences and to honour the diverse ways that this can be expressed.”

The art exhibition included artworks by 22 artists and was accompanied by a weekend of performances and workshops. These included workshops in laughter, 3d construction with found materials, Argentinian drumming, Tai Chi, Interfaith chanting, Ekphrasis writing, crystal singing bowls and mosaic making. Performances included poetry reading, stilt dancing by Libby; classical guitar by Immanuel Creagh from the Subud Wollongong group; crystal singing bowls, Argentinian drumming, Singongo Choir and Kareeni Dance by children of SCARF (local refugees’ assistance group). The event was well supported by Wollongong Subud members and Viviana Creagh cooked a delicious international meal for the performance/workshop weekend. Valentina Temple, her daughter Bridie and Bridie’s friend were part of the exhibition group with a collection of photographs representing their studies of and feeling for nature in their home schooling program. Also exhibiting were Libby (sculptures) and Alena (painting).

SICA has been a continuing generous supporter, providing funding for the first exhibition insight (held at Wollongong’s Subud House in 2016), and for this year’s Symphony. These are part of an ongoing project called Insight Art Project. SICA is now funding the creation of an e-catalogue which records the Symphony event. Insight Art Project has the following aims:
– To provide opportunities to artists: visual and performing as well as writers to express that aspect of their life or awareness which reflects an inner or spiritual content. It also celebrates and acknowledges the diversity of ways in which we might understand and interpret our spirituality.
– To expose these events to a diverse audience and facilitate harmonious interactions in the community around creativity and spirituality.
– To create an interface between Subud and the general community, including various creative, spiritual, religious, welfare and community groups, in which Subud becomes known and familiar.

Libby and Alena are hoping to run a third exhibition in the Insight Art Project program in a couple of years’ time. They welcome applications for participation by artists in Subud Australia.

Hannah O Wilder ~ Sound Healer from Utah

Dearest Melbourne, your big blue sky and lanky gums echo my homeland. It is hard not to fall in love with such a darling of a city.

I feel a sense of belonging in Australia’s SUBUD groups. It has been so sweet to reunite with SUBUD family from world congresses and my previous travels here in Australia. I hope to see many more of you in Melbourne, Perth and maybe even the Hills near Byron.

I had the pleasure of performing showcases at the last 2 World congresses and volunteering in entertainment, so some of you may remember me in this context.

What am I doing back in Australia? Creating magical fields of vibration with my voice and crystal and Tibetan Bowls. Naturally the Latihan filters through as I draw on the healing traditions of Reiki, Tibetan Sound Healing, and Maori Healing and Shamanism from New Zealand. I’m singing the land song through my heart and making field recordings at spots that feel sacred in New Zealand and Australia. I am most connected when I am walking in the wild. I hope to transmit this through my recordings, and help people reconnect with themselves and the earth, re-establishing our privilege as “custodians of the earth” – a phrase I learned from Cindy, a bright red haired aboriginal woman I met when I first arrived. She welcomed me to her country and told me my work was needed here. The next day I met a bright red haired medicine woman named Shoshanna, who told me light work was needed in Western Australia.

While I am in Australia I am offering one on one sound healing and voice work sessions, sound journeys for couples and groups, and facilitating sound and movement meditation. I will be offering a weekend workshop in Melbourne on Feb 17-19 at Naturalis Clinic in Northcote, and I’m hoping to facilitate a workshop in Perth WA, in mid March 17-19.

I am releasing my first sound and land healing album in the coming months ‘Sojourn (28 days in the desert)’ by Wilder Still, with the possibility of having the album launch here in Australia. Sojourn is a series of field recordings gathered in alcoves and waterways on a month long walkabout on the Colorado plateau in Utah. Pre-release copies are available here.

The last time I was here in Mullum, NSW, I wrote a song called “Jackie” You can listen to it on my first album Welcome Back ~ Hannah O Wilder, which I recorded upon returning to the states in 2012 after the New Zealand World Congress.

Contact me if you would like to catch up or book a session or workshop!


Hannah O Wilder    +61 416 815 483

To stay posted on upcoming albums, workshops and walk abouts, you can follow me on…

Album Page


Insight Spiritual Art Exhibition

Hillside Gallery (Dombarton) is hosting an art exhibition celebrating the diversity of spiritual creative expression from July 15 – 17, 2016. The aim is to encourage people from diverse cultural backgrounds and practices to participate in the spirit of inclusion and harmony.

Artists are welcome to submit work for this event. Please note – applications close on May 12. Please follow the links below for further information, or contact the project organisers – Alena Kennedy: and Libby Bloxham:

Further Information (download a pdf)

Visual Artist Expression of Interest

Performance Artist & Workshop Facilitator Expression of Interest

Spiritual Art Exhibitions Concept

Hillside Gallery_large room Hillside Gallery_small room Hillside Gallery_Wollongong Subud House

SICA Chair Steps Down – Is it Your Turn to Step UP?

Well folks, after 2 years at the ‘helm’ of SICA Oz, it’s time for me to step down. Being Chair of SICA in Australia has been inspiring, eye opening, and engaging. It’s been a pleasure being able to serve Subud in this way. My time is up however, and I’m looking forward to seeing who the next chair will be!

SICA in Australia is a vibrant organisation with links to both Subud Australia and SICA International. Our aim is to inspire the sharing of true human culture both within and outside of Subud. We do this through encouraging Subud creators to share their work with the world, and encouraging the intersection between art and spirituality outside of Subud.

Each year SICA Oz is given a small budget from Subud Australia, and as a registered charity is able to accept donations from the wider Australian community. As a not-for-profit charity, we’re able to auspice projects in-line with our charter.

So – what’s it take to be the SICA Australia Chair? Here’s a short list:

  • Be a member of Subud Australia, and opened to the Latihan
  • Be ‘tested into the role’ by the current national helpers. It needs to feel good to you – not just to everyone else!
  • Be able to listen to others ideas – your main role as chair is to consolidate what happens on your board. Being chair should never be about forcing your ideas onto others.
  • Be willing to learn, and have fun while doing it!
  • Be familiar, and comfortable, using computers and digital technology. While human interaction is important, SICA’s material business is online. This includes our filing system and all of our communications. Computer skills are essential.
  • Be passionate about the arts and culture in Australia! This can take many forms. While our mandate is for an organisation supporting the arts in Australia, true human culture embraces many areas!

Any more questions? Please get in touch! We’re excited to meet the next chair of SICA Australia – this could be you!

Mitchell Reese,
Outgoing SICA Chair
December, 2015

In Memoriam Project

The In Memoriam Project is a concept to honor those SUBUD MEMBERS who have died and who we wish to remember in some special way as a pioneer of Subud. Our vision is to have an INSTALLATION displayed during the next WORLD CONGRESS in 2018.

We would like to share our idea and encourage participation towards making this happen. What we see is the basic shape of a gigantic TREE, designed along a covered outside wall or hallway at the World Congress venue, depending on space available.

We see the larger branches allocated for each ZONE and the smaller branches allocated for each COUNTRY, with all leaves and flowers assembled in BONN. Some of these will have been made at your National Congress.

Therefore, during our Australian NATIONAL CONGRESS in January we wish to setup a suitable space for members to bring names, small photos, and brief profiles for our project ‘IN MEMORIAM’. We will provide templates of Australian leaves and flowers in many different shapes and colors, for YOU to create your gift from AUSTRALIA!

This will be a Pilot Project and if it is successful we will encourage every COUNTRY in every ZONE around the SUBUD WORLD to follow this example with leaves and flowers from each country during their NATIONAL CONGRESS, leading up to World Congress.

IF you cannot attend the Australian National Congress, PLEASE give your contribution to someone who will be attending, such as your Chairperson, committee member or friend. We hope this will be a light and enjoyable event.

The International SICA board hopes that this Project can inspire others to develop further the concept of ‘IN MEMORIAM’ in other forms such as collecting stories of Subud members who have died and left a legacy. Also, the possibility of a travelling EXHIBITION which showcases Cultural endeavours of Subud members.

Thank-you for your valuable support, (if you feel inspired to contribute in any way PLEASE contact us).

Isti Jenkins and Irmana Bryson-Haynes

The Coffee Hunter

Roland Fraval & Jeff Hann of Jeraff have been working on a documentary about coffee – and many other things besides! Here’s some info about their project, and a trailer on their soon-to-be-released 2016 film – The Coffee Hunter. Go HERE for more info about Jeraff, and their work.


It’s 4:30am in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. The sun is still hours from rising, and Sasa Sestic of Ona Coffee and Project Origin is excited. Like a small child, dancing on the spot, he impatiently waits to get in the car to go and visit the local coffee growers, quiz them about their growing, picking and drying techniques and, most importantly, get to know the people behind the processes. Sasa is here, in this remote corner of the world, following his passion, driven by his obsession and guided by his knowledge, hunting for the Holy Grail of coffee… the perfect cup.

From the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia to the origin of the specialty coffee movement in Seattle, where in 2015 Sasa represented Australia in the 2015 World Barista Championships, it has been quite a journey for a man that immigrated to Australia from his war-torn homeland of Bosnia to play European Handball in the 2000 Sydney Olympics for his newly adopted country. The Coffee Hunter follows Sasa on his journey to the World Barista Championships, through coffee hunting trips to Ethiopia, Honduras (where Sasa owns a coffee farm) and Colombia and the countless hours spent training for the competition. The film explores the world of specialty coffee through the eyes of Sasa and looks at what makes this man unique within an industry full of exceptional individuals.

News from Osnat

Osnat Harlap is behind The STOR[e]YROOM, a curated temporary urban installation in Perth, Western Australia. Its design is site-specific, and its program facilitates public participation in the conversation about mental health.

The first Installation took place in May 2014. Designed to complement a Meeting 4 Minds international Forum, that advocates on behalf of people with Lived Experience.

The STOR[e]YROOM is a single day of curated program, activities and exhibits, which touch on aspects of human sense of well being. Art, culture, yoga, meditation, end more.

Next installation is coming up in May 2016, likely near Brisbane or Northern NSW – watch this space!



Writing from Maia Harlap

The amazingly talented Maia Harlap has limericks and a new story to share! At just 14, this Perth based youth is brimming with talent. Go Maiai!!!

Limericks of Greek Myths

There was once a god called Zeus,
Who had a wife but loved to seduce.
He had a kid with a mortal,
Hera threw her down a portal,
And she hung herself with a noose.

There was once a Cyclops with a temper,
Whom one should never take stuff from ever.
A bunch of humans tried,
A good number of ‘em died,
But Nobody was too clever.

There was once a war in Troy,
Because a girl ran away with a boy.
Odysseus got a big wooden horse,
Filled it with men and brute force,
And the war was won with that ploy.


Beauty and the Brains
by Maia Harlap

“I am the goddess of beauty, Athena. Who did you think he would choose?”

Aphrodite twirled her golden curls around an elegant finger. Her soft pink chiton was edged in gold, catching the light of the sun and glowing, making the goddess look even more radiant.

By contrast, it seemed Aphrodite had stolen the sun’s light; it shied away from Athena’s dull bronze armour, far from her dark curls. It seemed that Aphrodite’s beauty wasn’t truly her own; it was via robbing that of everyone else that she seemed so radiant.

Athena wanted to punch her right in her simpering, smiling lips.

“It was a test of wisdom,” Athena said through gritted teeth.

Aphrodite sighed and raised herself from her seat voluptuously, gazing through her eyelashes. “You always use that as an excuse, dear.”

Athena felt a headache cooking. Dealing with the goddess of love did that to Athena; Artemis complained of the same affliction. Athena tightened her grip on her spear and looked down her nose at the other goddess, trying to utilise her superior height.

“I wanted to see if he would make the right choice,” Athena said coldly. “Apparently, men are still as foolish as they always were; choosing love and chaos instead of knowledge and clarity.”

Aphrodite laughed, making Athena shiver. “You say that as though it’s a bad thing, dear!”

Athena scowled. “What you have done will cause a war between the Greeks and Trojans!”

Aphrodite caressed flowers in a vase, blithe as always. “What I have done has brought two wistful souls together. Athena, you must learn to appreciate the values of love.” She daintily plucked a rose from the vase, instantly making it seem brighter and more beautiful. “I don’t see what I’ve done that has enraged you so.”

Athena sighed. “Two wistful souls? You cursed Helen with madness!”

Aphrodite smiled with sickening sweetness. “I set her free, dear. Again, what have I done that is so wrongful?”

Athena lost it. With a single fluid motion, her spear flashed forward and through, its steadfast point aimed directly at Aphrodite’s throat.

“What have you done?” Athena seethed. “What you have done is cursed a woman to doom herself and so many others to a war-torn death. Did Helen want Paris? No! No sooner will she get to Troy she shall awaken from your curse and realise what she has done, and the grief shall destroy her. And yet the Greeks will still march on, and believe me, I will make sure they raze Troy to the ground!”

Aphrodite’s expression staying apathetic, but her grip on the rose quivered. “Y-you wouldn’t. They would kill Helen. And you do seem so anxious to extend her little mortal life.”

Athena’s eyes flashed. “Try me.”


Athena and Aphrodite both turned to see Apollo strut into the room, grinning widely. His golden clothing was akin to the rays of the sun itself, and his skin held a deep tan.

“Athena, Aphrodite,” Apollo nodded to each goddess with a dashing smile.

“Apollo!” Aphrodite looked surprised. “You’ve returned to Olympus!”

Apollo came to a stop in front of the two, clasping his hands. “I have indeed. And what do I find? One dear goddess pointing a spear at another.” He raised a tanned hand and gently shifted Athena’s spear away.

“Stay out of this,” Athena hissed, her bright eyes flashing.

“No need to sound so harsh.” The handsome god grinned. “I wouldn’t miss a cat-fight between two of my favourite goddesses.”

Athena snorted. “Tell that to Hera, Golden Boy.”

“Tell me what?”

All three groaned as the Queen of the Gods entered the room. It was an occupational hazard, it seemed, of being the authority.

“I thought I heard Apollo say something quite interesting,” Hera said, with the air of someone who already knew. “I’m giving you a chance to prove me wrong. I sincerely hope so.”

Hera strode into the centre of the room, hands on her hips. Even Athena felt like shrinking in her presence. Hera was tall and commanding, her dark hair, purple chiton and sharp profile all giving her a strong and powerful air. She looked down her nose at each of the others, making them feel like scolded mortal children.

“Tell me what?” She said, her eyes narrowed.

Aphrodite ducked her head and began to move away, but Hera noticed and pointed a finger at her.
Aphrodite froze, magic keeping her in place.

“You! Stay right where you are!” She hissed. “Whenever you and Athena are in the same room I cannot safely assume anything!”

Apollo came forward, his trademark charming smile etched on his face. “Oh Hera, there is no need to fret. Athena and Aphrodite were simply—”

Hera made a cutting motion with her hand and Apollo’s mouth snapped shut. The god’s eyes went wide, and his previous poise vanished as his fingers scrabbled at his lips, trying in vain to pry them open.

Hera looked at Athena with a harsh glare. “What should Apollo have told me?”

Athena, for a moment, considered telling Hera exactly what he’d said. That would really anger her. But she wasn’t that petty.

“Oh, simply that he fancied Aphrodite,” she said, flapping her hand. Apollo stared at her, mortified, and Aphrodite squeaked in alarm.

Hera paused for a moment, eyed the three. Apollo must have recognised that it was better than the alternative and shut up. Even vapid Aphrodite realised that it held no blame to her. They didn’t move.

Hera huffed. “Athena, stop trying to stab Aphrodite. Apollo, stop trying to hit on Aphrodite. Aphrodite, stop starting mortal wars.”

She strode from the room.

Apollo’s mouth dropped open. Aphrodite’s eyes went wide and she stumbled as the magic released her.
Athena’s brow creased. “How does she know I tried to stab her?”

“I’m the Queen of Olympus, child!” Hera called back, making the three jump.

After a pause, Apollo glared at Athena. “That was not nice, sister.”

“First of all, I’m your half-sister,” Athena sighed. “And second of all, I don’t know how, because you have an interstellar void inside your cranium instead of a brain.”

Apollo’s mouth flapped open and closed like a fish.

Aphrodite tittered with laughter, lifting a golden wine cup to her lips. “Quite the charmer, aren’t you, Athena?”

Athena set her jaw. “You are more of an idiot than he is, Aphrodite.”

Aphrodite shrugged, taking a light sip. “Poor, lonely Athena. The only sane goddess on Olympus. Tell me; is it acting like a boy that makes your chest so flat? You might want to consider changing your hair to fit the theme; cutting it, or shaving it, even. Then you and that oaf Ares would be twins!”

Athena snapped again. Her palm flashed out and snapped the wine cup from Aphrodite’s grip. It smashed into the ground, causing a spider web crack, the wine pooling out.

“Greece shall win,” Athena snarled. “I shall show you that what you claim as man’s greatest path is a path to disaster. You may not care about the causality of your actions, and I shall show you why that is a foolish and grave mistake.”

Athena stalked from the room, her shining eyes flashing. The wine pooled on the floor, seeping through the cracks, forewarning blood soon to be spilled.


News from the World of Deya Dova

Deya Dova and Hamilton Barnett have taken their music to an international audience in 2015.
Their live show has received an overwhelming response. Performing at the Luminate Festival New Zealand, the Bali Spirit Festival Indonesia, and a 3 month tour of transformational festivals on the West Coast of the United States.

It has been an amazing adventure for the whole family with Deya and Hamilton’s 3 children coming on tour. Roslyn (19yrs) and Tamara (11 yrs) dance on stage as part of the show whilst Albert (9yrs) holds down the back stage area.

Performance at Bali Spirit Festival Indonesia

Performance at Bali Spirit Festival Indonesia

As well as performing their global bass dance set at Festivals, Deya And Hamilton have been travelling to sacred sites to do a series of location vocal recordings and video diaries as part of their parallel project “Songlines & The Planetary Grid”. The project explores the connection to the natural harmony and power of creation that exists at these sites around the globe. Deya also gives a 2 hour presentation at festivals on the science, ancient origins and personal experiences of the planetary grid and leylines.

Deya recording at Spider Rock in Arizona

Deya recording at Spider Rock in Arizona

“Some time ago we faced a fork in the road…. A path opened up that said “dive further into your authenticity. Listen to what is truly calling you” We took that path and what an amazing, fun and fulfilling journey it has beed so far….”

Sunrise show in the Nevada Desert at the Burning Man Festival

Sunrise show in the Nevada Desert at the Burning Man Festival

“The latihan is central to our creative process, both in the creation of the music and each time we perform. Even in the busy back stage festival environment, we always create time to connect with our latihan before going on stage.”

Tamara Dancing at Beloved Festival Oregon

Tamara Dancing at Beloved Festival Oregon

2016 holds more travel, with a tour in Hawaii and New Zealand in Jan, Bali in April and then another summerfestival tour in the U.S. If you would like to be part of the Deya Dova journey you can sign up to the mailing list at