In Memoriam Project

The In Memoriam Project is a concept to honor those SUBUD MEMBERS who have died and who we wish to remember in some special way as a pioneer of Subud. Our vision is to have an INSTALLATION displayed during the next WORLD CONGRESS in 2018.

We would like to share our idea and encourage participation towards making this happen. What we see is the basic shape of a gigantic TREE, designed along a covered outside wall or hallway at the World Congress venue, depending on space available.

We see the larger branches allocated for each ZONE and the smaller branches allocated for each COUNTRY, with all leaves and flowers assembled in BONN. Some of these will have been made at your National Congress.

Therefore, during our Australian NATIONAL CONGRESS in January we wish to setup a suitable space for members to bring names, small photos, and brief profiles for our project ‘IN MEMORIAM’. We will provide templates of Australian leaves and flowers in many different shapes and colors, for YOU to create your gift from AUSTRALIA!

This will be a Pilot Project and if it is successful we will encourage every COUNTRY in every ZONE around the SUBUD WORLD to follow this example with leaves and flowers from each country during their NATIONAL CONGRESS, leading up to World Congress.

IF you cannot attend the Australian National Congress, PLEASE give your contribution to someone who will be attending, such as your Chairperson, committee member or friend. We hope this will be a light and enjoyable event.

The International SICA board hopes that this Project can inspire others to develop further the concept of ‘IN MEMORIAM’ in other forms such as collecting stories of Subud members who have died and left a legacy. Also, the possibility of a travelling EXHIBITION which showcases Cultural endeavours of Subud members.

Thank-you for your valuable support, (if you feel inspired to contribute in any way PLEASE contact us).

Isti Jenkins and Irmana Bryson-Haynes