Hannah O Wilder ~ Sound Healer from Utah

Dearest Melbourne, your big blue sky and lanky gums echo my homeland. It is hard not to fall in love with such a darling of a city.

I feel a sense of belonging in Australia’s SUBUD groups. It has been so sweet to reunite with SUBUD family from world congresses and my previous travels here in Australia. I hope to see many more of you in Melbourne, Perth and maybe even the Hills near Byron.

I had the pleasure of performing showcases at the last 2 World congresses and volunteering in entertainment, so some of you may remember me in this context.

What am I doing back in Australia? Creating magical fields of vibration with my voice and crystal and Tibetan Bowls. Naturally the Latihan filters through as I draw on the healing traditions of Reiki, Tibetan Sound Healing, and Maori Healing and Shamanism from New Zealand. I’m singing the land song through my heart and making field recordings at spots that feel sacred in New Zealand and Australia. I am most connected when I am walking in the wild. I hope to transmit this through my recordings, and help people reconnect with themselves and the earth, re-establishing our privilege as “custodians of the earth” – a phrase I learned from Cindy, a bright red haired aboriginal woman I met when I first arrived. She welcomed me to her country and told me my work was needed here. The next day I met a bright red haired medicine woman named Shoshanna, who told me light work was needed in Western Australia.

While I am in Australia I am offering one on one sound healing and voice work sessions, sound journeys for couples and groups, and facilitating sound and movement meditation. I will be offering a weekend workshop in Melbourne on Feb 17-19 at Naturalis Clinic in Northcote, and I’m hoping to facilitate a workshop in Perth WA, in mid March 17-19.


I am releasing my first sound and land healing album in the coming months ‘Sojourn (28 days in the desert)’ by Wilder Still, with the possibility of having the album launch here in Australia. Sojourn is a series of field recordings gathered in alcoves and waterways on a month long walkabout on the Colorado plateau in Utah. Pre-release copies are available here.


The last time I was here in Mullum, NSW, I wrote a song called “Jackie” You can listen to it on my first album Welcome Back ~ Hannah O Wilder, which I recorded upon returning to the states in 2012 after the New Zealand World Congress.


Contact me if you would like to catch up or book a session or workshop!


Hannah O Wilder    +61 416 815 483

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