SICA aims to support individuals exploring the intersection between the arts and spirituality. One of the ways we do this is by offering seed funding grants of up to $500 per project every 6 months. Prospective grant recipients are encouraged to contact our board before applying. Email to get in touch.


  • Be an Australian resident or citizen
  • Be an individual or group of individuals
  • Project is related to the Arts (music, visual arts, theatre, film, literature, digital media, design)
  • Project encompasses a spiritual dimension

What’s Not Funded?

  • Projects not related to the Arts (sport, social welfare, etc.)
  • Projects not including a spiritual element
  • Any previous SICA grant recipients that have not successfully acquitted their project
  • Projects by organisations

Selection Criteria

  • Project incorporates a spiritual element
  • Project embraces the Arts & Creativity
  • Project has benefit to the Australian Community
  • Project has a realistic budget, that can happen with SICA funding
  • Project has other sources of support – in-kind or financial
  • Project will be documented, with documentation provided on acquittal


SICA grants are provided twice yearly – in February and August. Our evaluation time takes roughly 3 weeks after applications close, at which point you will hear back regarding the success of your application. Please contact SICA before applying to discuss the best way to apply for your grant!

Closing Dates

Round 1 – February 29th – For projects commencing after March 15th.
Round 2 РAugust 15th РFor projects commencing after September 15th.

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to speak with us before applying. Contact us at to tell us about your idea. Please double check the eligibility criteria above to make sure you are able to apply. Applicants are then asked to submit their projects via email – attaching your application in pdf format is preferable.

When applying, please include these elements:

  • Your name & contact details
  • Your project name
  • Project description (1,000 words max)
  • Funding amount requested ($500 max)
  • Why you would like us to fund you
  • How SICA’s funding will help you carry out this project
  • Project Budget (include the full budget for your project, and what SICA’s funding will be used for)
  • Additional Support (Other organisations providing funds, in-kind support, letters from supporting organisations, etc.)
  • How will you document this project, and what will you be able to provide to SICA at the end?

Keep in mind that we’ll be looking at how your project addresses the selection criteria above – please include this with your application. Regarding acquittal, SICA requires each grant recipient to document their project – photographic stills are essential, and video is an added bonus. At the end of your project you’ll be required to explain what the SICA grant money was spent on – contact us for further details regarding your acquittal.

Lastly, please send your applications via email through to:
While pdf format is preferred, we accept applications in word (.doc, .docx) & open document (.odt) format. Any links to web-based material should be included in the application. Please don’t write your application in the body of your email. We look forward to hearing from you!