About SICA

SICA (the Subud International Cultural Association) in Australia is a not-for-profit charity that facilitates and promotes cultural activities to serve both our members and the general public. We do this through providing grants and auspicing opportunities to individuals, promoting inspiring cultural events, and providing networking opportunities for our members.

A part of the Subud Spiritual Movement, SICA’s overarching mission is to inspire and support true human culture in the world. Anyone interested in the intersection between the arts and spirituality is welcome to join us in our activities – being part of the Subud movement is not a requirement.

SICA’s board of directors and voting membership is comprised of Subud members in Australia. Our activities reach far beyond Subud however, and participants come from all walks of life. Within Subud are people from many spiritual backgrounds – SICA activities are likewise open to everyone.

SICA is affiliated with Subud Australia, and is the Australian branch of SICA Internationally.


Subud Symbol

We exist to:

    • Promote an emerging artistic culture whose source is the human spirit, whose content is alive and whose expression is self-creating, spontaneous and intuitive;
    • Acknowledge, celebrate and promote the organic link existing between culture and spirituality;
    • Cultivate cultural and artistic activities and the values which enliven and enrich the human spirit through the promotion of: literature – music – design – community arts – crafts – video – performing arts – visual arts – radio – television and film;
    • Encourage the creative spirit which enables people to express their true talents and develop the capacity to improve the quality of their lives;
    • Foster a culture of development for individuals that is in harmony with one another. A harmony that celebrates different races, religions, ages and sexes, rather than perpetuating barriers.

We aim to provide:

    • information sharing and networking opportunities
    • funding for cultural activities
    • funding for artists interested in the intersection be spirituality and creativity
    • support for and promotion of cultural events and activities
    • workshops and projects that facilitate the relationship between creativity and the soul
    • opportunities to engage and collaborate with cultural initiatives and events around the world.

Like to Donate?
SICA is registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading and the federal Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO) in Australia. SICA has DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status which provides for Tax deductibility on donations of $2 or more that are paid through its Public Gift Fund.

If you would like to support SICA in our work, then we would love to hear from you!
Funds donated to SICA are used for a variety of cultural activities in the arts, education, and cultural awareness. To donate, contact us through – aussie.sica@gmail.com